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If You're Struggling With Complex Homework Assignments

For a student, one of the most stressful and anxious situations you can be in is struggling with a challenging homework assignment. Especially if the assignment is worth a lot of marks and you're already having a hard time in the class subject. If you are struggling with a hard homework assignment, you have come to the right place. Before you give up all hope on yourself there are a few things you can try out.

friends and classmates

If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas for an assignment calling up a friend or a classmate can be an easy solution. It would be even better if you chose someone that is working on the same assignment as you. Chances are, they might be looking for a little help themselves. Chatting on the phone or messaging them online to brainstorm ideas or to try and work on the assignment together can lift a huge weight off your shoulders. Not only will they be providing you with moral support, but maybe they know a little more about the topic than you do and could explain the task to you more in depth.

Just make sure to stay on topic and not get distracted by other subject matters as it is easy to do when talking to a close friend.


Now, before you decide to skip this idea, just give your parents a try. If your parents are around you could ask them to pitch some ideas to you so that you could have some more points to play around with on your assignment. If you're having trouble understanding your homework, maybe your parents will understand it better and can give you a better explanation. Your parents will most likely be willing to help you because they see you are putting in a lot of effort in your homework.


If you're really stuck and have no idea what you're doing, sending a quick email to your teacher isn't a bad idea. Since they were the ones to assign you the homework, they will be most likely the ones that could help you the most. You could ask your teachers to clarify anything you don't understand and could ask for a few helpful tips. Teachers are usually really impressed with students that try their hardest to complete homework assignments properly and will offer their help.

the internet

If you have no one you can ask for help, or no one seems to be replying to your e-mails or answering your calls you could always do a quick search on the internet. There are a lot sites that have tutorials on certain subjects or online tutors that can answer your questions. If you’re having a hard time understanding a theory or an experiment (for example) you could search for videos where experts explain it step by step.

When you're having a hard time with homework, try not to get too stressed out and just try your best. Chances are if you try some of the tips above, you'll be able to receive a little help and encouragement. One last important tip is to work on your homework as soon as you get it so that you have time to work on it and you're not rushing to finish your assignment.

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