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Being a successful student means you really have to take control of your life at the beginning of your academic career. Setting up good patterns right at the start is the best way to be really successful at completing your homework on time and getting good grades. If you aren’t a new student just starting out but you are determined to change your habits and establish new ones, it’s never too late to start.

  1. Take control. You are the one who decides that you won’t skip class or that you will always do your homework on time. Your parent isn’t bailing you out anymore. It’s all up to you now. You are in charge.

  2. Choose your professors. You don’t have to just settle on the ones that are assigned to you in your schedule. Go to class the first day or two and see what the professor is like. Is the teaching engaging? Do they look organized? Are they serious about teaching you the required material? If your answers are “no”, switch out of that class into another. Choose carefully.

  3. Make sure you are at class. Make a commitment to yourself at the beginning of the term you won’t skip. Missing class means you have gaps in your learning. It becomes more difficult to get your homework done correctly and on time.

  4. You will need an adequate attention span. Your class might be 1 or 1 ½ hours long. You can’t afford to let your mind go to sleep or wander away on something else. Stay focused and zone in on what is being taught.

  5. Make a study schedule for yourself at the beginning of the semester or term. Block out the times you will be in the library or study room doing your studying. There’s a saying that for every hour spent in class, there should be two hours of study time spent outside of class.

Take Some Practice Tests

Make sure your answers exactly fit the question that was asked. Many students lose the bulk of their points by not fully answering the question completely. They read or skim the question too quickly and then miss something important.

Before tests and exams, take some practice tests. Time yourself and check your test results. You can get practice tests by asking your professor or by looking online. You can also construct your own practice test using questions throughout the chapters or units you’ve covered.

Use the help and resources offered by your teacher or assignment online help. Use office hours to ask questions. Email or skype chat with them if available. Ask questions and make sure you aren’t confused about any important topics in the class content that’s been presented.

Form a study group

  • Make sure you are fairly evenly matched so that you can help each other along the way with the homework problems. Students participating in the study group must be dedicated and motivated. If a student skips most of the study time and then just comes to the group to get the homework answers, drop them from the group. Everyone must pull their own weight and contribute to the learning of all group members.

    Make a homework schedule as soon as each assignment is made. Keep track of how many days you have until the assignment is due and exactly when and how you will work to get the homework done. Always give adequate time in case some of the problems take longer to solve than you thought. For essays and papers, start as soon as you can to give yourself the greatest amount of time possible to complete them.