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Vital Advice On How To Avoid Homework Procrastination

Procrastination arises because we are trying to put off the difficult or more involving tasks while we concentrate on the easier activities. It may come about because we feel that the task ahead is too difficult for us. We lack confidence in our ability to do the task well.

The problem is that what we put off are the tasks that eventually have to be done. Homework assignments have a due date, and we cannot avoid them forever.

Understand why

Ask yourself why you have been procrastinating. Could it be that you find a subject difficult and thus avoid it? It could be that you’re not so good in one area though you’re good in others. You could also be a perfectionist. You can overcome this in various ways:

  • Do your assignment with a friend. Ask a friend over who you know is good at the subject. It will be more fun doing it this way than all alone.

  • Ask a parent for help. They may have ideas that will help you.

  • Allow yourself to make mistakes. Do the assignment even though it may not come out perfect.

Get organized

Disorganization actually leads us to procrastinate. You can overcome disorganization in a few steps.

  • Write a list of all the work that you have.

  • Order the list according to what is due early and length of the assignment.

  • List what you’ll do every day. For the lengthier assignments and research papers, assign a little time every day or every other day.

  • Always start with a clean desk having nothing but the assignment that you’re working on.

Overcoming boredom

You may be a procrastinator because you are bored with the homework that you have been given.

  • Play your favorite music as you do your assignment. Ensure however that you don’t end up enjoying the music too much and forgetting the work.

  • Make your surroundings more interesting. Hang your favorite musician’s photograph on a wall.


Think of the benefits that you’ll obtain by doing your homework on time.

  • You will have more time available to do your favorite things.

  • You will not have any anxiety as the deadline approaches.

  • You will have enough time to do a good job.

  • You will have the feeling of being in control of your life rather than being controlled by fast approaching deadlines.

  • You can also reward yourself for the assignments that you have completed early.

You can overcome your homework procrastination. Practice the above tips and create a habit of doing things way ahead of the set deadline.

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