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Math Homework Guidelines For Undergraduate Students

Advanced mathematics at undergraduate level is likely to be challenging for different reasons. There are simple tricks to make your math homework easy and manageable. The tricks do not involve the purchase of expensive books and resources or endless hours in the library. At the end of it, you will begin to enjoy mathematics and may decide to pursue the subject to an advanced level.

Understand the Basics

Math gets more challenging if you do not understand the basics. Most of these basics are taught in high school or during previous units on the same concept. For instance, Geometry II will be very difficult if you did not understand Geometry I. There are several ways you can deal with basics.

  • Revisit previous notes- go back to your high school books, introduction or lower level notes and refresh your memory. This sets the stage for easier handling of advanced concepts.

  • Go online- the internet contains numerous resources in math. There are video simulations with voiceovers that make it easy to understand. These videos can be replayed numerous times until you understand. The videos use different approaches. This provides options especially if you are not familiar with one methodology.

  • Consult your tutor- tutors are more willing to assist than you may think. They pay individual attention to students during inquiry sessions which will make challenging concepts easy to understand. You may also visit another tutor in your department if you are uncomfortable with your current one.

Join a Discussion Group

Discussion groups will bring together classmates and friends in a friendly and informal academic setup. The relaxed environment allows you to ask questions and discuss a concept until it is fully understood. You may request a classmate who appears to have no difficulty with math to join your group. It is unlikely that you will leave the discussion with any doubt. Members of the group approach math issues in a different way. This will make it easier to understand.

Go Online

The internet provides numerous resources for all math concepts in academia. These resources are prepared by professional tutors and highly skilled mathematicians. Others are provided by universities to assist their students. Search for the resources online depending on the area you are experiencing difficulty. The resources are free and highly credible.

The university or department library also provides incredible resources for your math homework. It offers variety such that if one formula is difficult to understand, another may be easier. Ask your tutor for an index to a resourceful math book or seek the assistance of the resident librarian.

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