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5 Bad Things About Homework and How to Deal with Them

The debate over whether homework is a bad or good thing has been raging for decades. You have one side of those who stand by its benefits and efficacy. On the other side you have those who cite that it’s really only busy work with little value towards education. Perhaps we’ll never see the end of the argument but there are some things we should know about how to deal with the bad things:

It Causes Stress in Students

Too much homework might cause unnecessary stress in students who are afraid of falling behind in class. Unfortunately, so much stress at an early age can invite several unwanted problems in other parts of life. The best way to cope with this is to encourage students to take a break and meditate. Remind students that homework isn’t the only aspect they are being graded on.

It Can Lead to Poor Nutrition

Students with too much homework often have poor nutrition. They may either over-indulge themselves with fast food or unhealthy snacks or may not receive the proper nutrients because they are always working while trying to have a meal. Be sure to encourage your kids to close their books when it’s breakfast or dinner time. And be sure they are getting healthy snacks instead of the bad ones.

It Can Cause Poor Sleep Behavior

Students with too many assignments may not receive the right amount of rest in terms of sleep. Research shows that sleep amounts change as a person ages, and children and teenagers especially actually require more than 8 hours. Yet, very few actually are getting a full night’s sleep. Set strict bed times, regardless of whether your child is done with homework or not.

It Doesn’t Allow Time to Exercise

Students with way to many assignments rarely find the time to get enough exercise each day. Considering that obesity is an upward trend, more effort should be made to keep children and teenagers active. After school activities like sports or even simple recreational games should be encouraged. If you aren’t finding enough time for exercise, then you should speak with your kids’ teachers to express your concern.

It Gets in the Way of Social Interaction

Though it might not seem as important as the rest of the items on this list, social interaction is an important way of building networks that could both help academically and professionally later on in life. Encourage your kids to make friends and spend at least two afternoons in the week strengthening those relationships.

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