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Is It Legal To Pay Someone To Do My Homework?

There are many cases where students simply run out of time because of their busy schedules both in school and outside of school. Students today are required to complete many more extracurricular activities than ever before end that creates situations where students turn to outside sources to complete their tasks on their behalf. Many students might wonder is it legal to pay someone to do their homework or not.

The answer to the question, "is it legal to pay someone to do my homework?" Is "yesโ€.

  • It is legal to pay someone to do your homework for you. There's nothing illegal about it. There is no country where doing that is against the law.

  • The reason that many people want to know whether it is legal to pay someone to do their homework is because it is often against school policies. Each academic institution has their own set of policies which they enforce. This is true of all grade levels. And within those academic institutions it is generally considered plagiarism to pay someone to do something on your behalf and then claim that you did it. This differs vastly from hiring somebody to look over the work you have already done.

  • For most institutions if you are caught doing this it is grounds for expelling you, suspending you, or simply kicking you out of the institution altogether. It is because of this risk that many people believe that what they're doing is against the law.

At best choosing to pay somebody else to do your work on your behalf and submitting it as your own is considered a form of plagiarism. But if you pay them it is considered ghost writing and there is nothing inherently wrong with this because it is simply a business transaction. For many it is considered ethically unsound and for many more is considered in moral. But these are things you have to reconcile with your own set of principles and morals. In no situation where you exchange money for a service is it something for which you can be legally punished. In some situations, again contingent upon your personal academic institution and your personal morals and guiding principles, it might constitute grounds for expulsion or even suspension. In some classes the teacher will simply give you a failing grade on that assignment or perhaps a failing grade for that class.

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