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Where To Go If You Don’t Want To Pay For Homework Answers

One of the most frustrating thing for students especially ones struggling in a topic is homework. When you don’t know or don’t want to have to know what the answer for your homework is what do you do? Well there are several options that can help students solve this problem and I want to explore them. As I do this it will be for students who are struggling to find out how to deal with the difficulties in their assignments given to them for homework. The several places I will list are as follows.

  • Other Students
  • The Back Of The Book
  • The Internet

Other Students

The first line of defense against having to do your homework is of course other students. Many other students may well have the answers or be better at the material. If you ask people they will usually being willing to assist but they may want you to attempt to learn the subject so you don’t get left behind. Other students frequently share information with their friends so you may want to ask them if they have the answers that you do not. Sometimes however students will not share information so it is wise to have other options available.

The Back Of The Book

Often times many of the standard textbooks in school systems these days has the answers to the problems assigned in the back of the book. While not all books have this it is very probable if you are in a public school. Even college level books usually have this as the student may need to check the answer. Not only is the answer there but very often there is the entire problem worked out such as in math textbooks. Every book however does not have the answers in the back and the teacher may want the problem worked out to show you know the topic well enough. So there is another solution.

The Internet

As with many other the internet is one of the most useful problem solving mechanisms we have. If you go on the internet most any homework problem can be answered in some way on the net. If you have math or reading issues you can look up the problem or the questions given to you and find the homework answers. Though you must be careful to get the proper answer that the teacher is looking for.

There are several other methods of getting the answers for homework without paying for it but I will let the reader think about them as they are not as common and can lead to trouble. Suffice it for now to use these methods. Of course the student could always do the homework on their own!

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