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How to Avoid Getting Stressed Doing Your Homework: an Effective Tutorial

When attending school, regardless of whether it is public school, private school, homeschool, college, grad school, or specialty education (i.e. medical, law, etc.) there is one common thread among them all, homework. With homework often comes high stress levels. This is particularly true for higher education student, very young students, and students facing an enormous amount of homework. Thankfully, there are some easy steps students can take to ease the stress and get down to business. Here is a tutorial on the steps necessary to take (at least some) the stress out of homework.

Time Management

  1. Effective time management is key to reducing stress levels. The first place to start with time management is to sit down and make a schedule. This schedule will include times you are in class, meal times, free time, and any other daily obligations.
  2. After this part is complete, it is time to incorporate a homework calendar. A homework calendar is to write down all of your homework assignments, their due date, and any notes relative to each project.

Time to relax

  • It is also important to take one day for the sole purpose of relaxing. Once monthly is the most recommended time frame; however, depending on your schedule, weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly will also work
  • During the relaxation day, no homework or any other school related activities are to be done or thought about
  • Choose something that is fun and exciting or slow and relaxing
  • Sleep

    1. It is common knowledge that sleep is essential but it is often difficult to come by when swamped by homework
    2. There is no way to guarantee that a person will sleep, but there are a few things that will help.
    3. Do not do homework right before bed if at all possible, that way the mind will have more of a chance to settle down.
    4. Have a set bed time and stick to it

    Class Room Habits

    1. Take good notes all during class to ensure that you will not forget something later
    2. Be respectful
    3. Answer questions as often as possible
    4. Ask questions. Never hesitate to ask for clarification on something you didn’t understand

    Social Time

    1. Spend time with friends
    2. Join a group or club that meets once per month or once every two weeks.
    3. Go see your family
    4. Do not hide from the rest of the world constantly in the name of getting homework done
    5. Go sit outside or to a coffee shop.
    6. Meet new people

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