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How to Find Free Printable Math Homework Sheets to Check Your Assignments Every Week?

Math worksheets online are developed for a variety of purposes, e. g. homeschooling or training for tests, and cover different math areas. To find a set of worksheets you can use to check your assignments, follow these instructions:

  • Look for worksheets based on your textbook.
  • Major textbook publishers often have worksheets developed for most common math textbooks, and upload them on their websites. Such worksheets are free to view and download, and they perfectly match your textbook problems. Type “free math worksheet” and your textbook author’s name into the search engine line to discover excellent worksheets for checking your assignment. Once on the publisher’s website, you might need to refine your search by grade and category. Pay attention to the copyright rules attached to worksheets. In most cases, you will be entitled to download and print them for your personal use only.

  • Use a free worksheet generator.
  • If you can’t find worksheets for your textbook (or your math assignment is not from a textbook at all), craft your worksheet with a help of free online generator. These websites do not usually require you to sign up and are easy to use. Select the area of math knowledge you want to practice (factorials, fractions, or exponents), the minimal and maximal number to be used, and the number of problems per page. The program will generate a free worksheet according to your requirements. Note that online generators may not be able to save and store your worksheet, so print it right away.

  • Use self-graded worksheets.
  • Self-graded worksheets are an especially useful options for you to check your assignments. Although most self-graded worksheets have to be completed online, there are printable ones as well. Print a worksheet, solve it, then enter your answers on the web page and see what grade the program will give you. If your solution is incorrect, the program would underline it. Some self-grading pages would even show the right answer and the path leading to it, so that you will know why you were wrong and how to reach this solution by yourself.

  • For a fast search, use a limitation by file type.
  • If you need a printable math worksheet urgently and have no particular preferences, browse the Web for “free printable math worksheet file:.pdf”. Your search engine will yield only printable worksheets as PDFs, which is the most reliable format. Unlike Word documents, PDFs would never get distorted by the word processor on your computer or by your printer.

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