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How To Develop Good Homework Habits: Advice For High School Students

It’s not uncommon for high school students to struggle in class when they are unable to complete their homework assignments on time. Even though they may feel that take home assignments are a waste of time, they actually are really important towards learning any subject. Getting those homework assignments completed starts by developing good habits. Here’s some really good expert advice on how to develop them:

Don’t wait to start a routine

The first step in developing good habits is to get started immediately. Don’t wait till the following week or even the following day. Make a plan today and be sure to start following your own advice. If you need some help then ask your friends or parents to keep you on track.

Set a specific time for learning

Many experts disagree on when the best time to do your homework is, but the simple truth is that you should find the time that works best for you and stick to it. Whether it’s immediately after arriving to your house or it’s after dinner or late at night, be sure to identify that time and set your other responsibilities around it.

Be mindful of how you learn

Self-awareness is extremely important in all of the habits you form. When applied to developing good homework habits, you need to first figure out how you best learn a subject. Do you need to work in complete silence? Do you need to turn off the phone, computer or any other electronics that are distracting? Make a list of what works and what doesn’t then make the effort to add or take away what you need in order to succeed.

Focus on setting goals

There are plenty of studies that support the use of goals and rewards as a method for creating good homework habits. The way it works is that our brains are wired to do things that are familiar without having to learn over and over. Setting a goal and giving yourself a reward will motivate you to keep up the routine. In a matter of a few days you’ll find it much easier to start and complete your work.

Plan your weekly assignments

Take a look at all of your assignments for the week and create a schedule for each day in order to stay on top of work without falling behind. This is a great way of staying organized with multiple assignments due on different days of the week. Your tasks will be far more manageable and you won’t get overwhelmed.

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