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Is Using Free Homework Websites Really Helpful?

Free websites can learn certain kinds of homework help, while being completely useless in other cases. Whether you will get the help you are looking for or not, depends on the nature of your assignment.

What Free Homework Websites Can Do for You

  • Answer simple questions.
  • The simpler and shorter your homework question is, the greater the probability that you will get a correct and quick answer. Post your problem in a dedicated forum thread, or ask in a tutorship chat. You might be surprised at how easy it can be solved.

  • Provide ready solutions to common problems.
  • Browse the archives of a free homework help forum or board, and you might discover your problem already solved and explained.

  • Explain your homework problem to you.
  • If you are confused about your assignment, a free tutor can explain it to you during a face-to-face Skype session or in a chat. Tutors can also help if you are unsure how to apply a particular rule or repeatedly fail to get a desired result. They will sort out your problem so that you understand how to deal with it.

  • Help you choose a good topic.
  • Questions about choosing an essay or research paper topic often get the largest numbers of responses on free homework websites. Other people might suggest fresh and creative ideas of which you’d have never though yourself.

What They Can’t

  • Complete a long and complicated assignment for you.
  • Do not expect anyone to write your 10-page research paper for free. If even you find a person who undertakes to do it, the quality of their writing might be well below the passing grade. Use a reputable writing service to get an excellent paper written for you at a reasonable fee.

  • Adhere to tight deadlines.
  • Many free homework websites are run by volunteers who have to fit their activities as free tutors between their paid jobs and family duties. There is usually a warning that it may take several days for your question to be answered. If you need a homework answer within several hours, you would probably have to pay for it.

  • Guarantee the quality of answers.
  • Some homework websites claim to be staffed by qualified tutors, while others, like student forums and Q&A boards, allow everyone to post their answers to homework questions. Use your common sense to determine which resources you can trust. Post your questions to several websites, and cross-check the answers. The ones mentioned most often are probably true.

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