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How To Handle English Homework Assignments Without Effort

English homework is slightly different from other subjects. In maths, for instance, you can do problems and take breaks in between questions. It’s easier to break up and do in chunks. Often for English, however, you’ll be required to write essays or other large chunks of text. It can be difficult to do all in one fell swoop, but also impossible break down into smaller, more manageable pieces! Below is some advice on the best way to handle these sorts of assignments without stress or effort.

Don’t think about the word count

Sometimes you will have to write an essay, and the word count will be hovering over you. For instance, essays are often 1,500-2000 words. It can seem like a lot and is quite daunting. The best thing to do is to ignore the word count at the very beginning, and just start normally writing. Don’t worry too much about hitting a target. Rather, write the best you can with the information you have. You’ll actually soon find that you have easily hit the target: you may even have gone over it! Once you stop thinking about it, it stops becoming an issue.

Do take breaks

Although it can be tough to find the best places to take some time to have a cup of tea or answer some emails, it is important that you treat English homework like all other work and take frequent breaks to let your brain rest. If you are writing an essay, for instance, tell yourself that you can do all the research and then take a break. Then write the body of the essay and take another break. Finally, do all the little extra bits - the proofreading, editing and bibliography. This way, you manage to have breaks, but don’t interrupt the flow of creativity.

Don’t get distracted

The worst thing for any sort of homework is constantly getting distracted by, for instance, friends chatting online or via text. It interrupts your concentration and breaks your flow of creativity. For this reason, the best work will be done when your computer is switched off - or, at least the internet is! - And your phone is in another room, perhaps with a friend for safe-keeping, if you can’t trust yourself not to look at it. Working efficiently is more efficient than working with lots of distractions, and you’ll find assignments are much easier to do when it’s just you and the work alone together.

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