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An Easy Way To Tackle Overload Of Homework: Teacher's Advice

I’ve been a teacher for the past 25 years and I’ve seen all sorts of excuses about why homework is late or missing. I’m no longer impressed by them and it’s a pity that so few students realize that they can do better if they make a few simple changes. Here are my methods for always submitting assignments on time or early:

  • Make sure you transcribe the assignment properly
  • Knowing what needs to be done is half the battle. It allows you to get everything you need together and to even do the right web searches. If you write down the wrong assignment and complete it to the best of your ability, there is still very little I can do to assist you. If your teacher feels sorry for you, they may allow you to submit again but with too many things to complete it would be precious time lost. Write it properly each time.

  • Get started as soon as it’s given
  • This means that you can not watch the premiere of a wonderful movie if it is on the same date that your assignment is given. Little changes like that can assure that you are done when others are not.

  • Prioritize your assignments
  • You should start assignments as soon as they are given but if you get one that is much harder than the others and will take longer to complete you should shift it to the top of your list of priorities. Do not forget about the others, just time them better. It is a balancing act but it is possible.

  • Work as a team
  • If you don’t know the work well enough, work with others who do. Most teachers won’t mind if the end result is that everyone gets better grades and hands in homework on time.

  • Use your recess and lunch hours
  • While you are at school you can eat and write if you have too much work to complete at home. The environment may even be more conducive to completing assignments if your home is very loud or you hardly get a moment to yourself.

  • Drop a subject
  • In extreme circumstances you should consider dropping a course so that you have more time for the others.

These methods can help any student, you just need to be dedicated.

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