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Directions on Where to Get Chemistry Answers Online for Free

The Web can be your last resort to find free chemistry answers if you find yourself struggling with your assignment in the middle of the night. Your friends would probably not be happy if you call them that late, and your mother can’t help either because she hasn’t practiced chemistry since her own school or college years. Fortunately, with stable Internet access, you have all kinds of chemistry help at your fingertips.

Social network groups

Popular social networks might have more than one community devoted to chemistry. Look for active Facebook pages with “chemistry” in their names – some of them may be providing homework answers to students who need it.

If you can’t see your question answered, ask it in a relevant thread. Follow the group rules on where to post your question (it should be specified in its profile or top post), or you may get banned.


Chemistry forums are places where you can find an answer to your question easily and quickly. Such forums are often part of popular homework help websites, and hence have many visitors. Browse their archives for an answer to your question. If you can’t find it, ask in a relevant thread and wait for a reply.

Homework help websites

If you look for chemistry help websites in any search engine, you can find all sorts of them. On some resources, you can ask your question to a tutor in a free chat, while on others, you may view materials that explain chemical concepts in accessible ways such as videos and interactive labs.

Look for what best suits your purpose. If you have trouble understanding a particular concept, use explanatory resources to form your study guide.

General question and answer resources

With common chemistry assignments, there is a chance that it has already been worked through on the Web. Many students lack the patience or time to go beyond general Q&A boards, and post their chemistry questions there. As these resources have enormous traffic, you can often come across someone who is kind enough to help.

Enter part of your chemistry assignment into a search engine line, and put double quotation marks around it to see whether it has been solved this way. Cross-check the answers you discover to make sure they are correct. If the answer is echoed by users on more than one website, it is probably right.

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